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We're PLM enthusiasts - let us show you!

For over 25 years, Active Sensing has been selling affordable product management solutions to  organizations of all sizes and industries around the world.

Active Sensing, Inc. (ASI) was originally formed to develop electronic instrumentation for the process control industry. As part of some initial consulting contracts, one of ASI's clients expressed frustration with the expense and complexity of then-current PDM [product data management] systems, and asked the ASI team for recommendations. With relevant experience in engineering design, project management, and database programming, ASI shelved the instrumentation and started developing an inexpensive PC-based PDM that would appeal to companies with limited configuration management experience and small PDM budgets.

Engineering Data Management Newsletter, November 1996

Our original data management product, Acseni PDM, introduced hundreds of companies to professional configuration management practices. Written in Microsoft Access and introduced for Windows 3.1, it became especially popular after the introduction of Windows 95 and 98/98SE. It included all of the PDM capabilities — parts, supplier sources, BOMs, document revision control, engineering changes, and design file management — at an extremely affordable price.

PDXpert PLM represents our complete "from the ground up" re-thinking of what PLM features are important to growing companies, and how these should be delivered. It includes all of our earlier product's features, plus enhanced change workflow, powerful free-form text search, built on Windows .NET and the Microsoft SQL Server database platform.

Founded as an industrial electronics company in Houston, Texas in 1993, the company relocated four years later to Denver, Colorado. Since 1994, ASI has been dedicated exclusively to engineering software development.

We're unique in the PLM industry because we strive for a simple, no-hassle PLM experience:

  • Easy access to product information

  • No artificial "web demo", but a fully-functional evaluation system that you can download and try out using your company's own product data, rules and workflow

  • No-haggle prices with published discounts

  • Choice of perpetual or subscription license

  • Straight-forward application administration and user interface

  • Free user documentation and training presentations that you tailor to your own needs

  • Friendly, straight-forward advice on how PDXpert will work in your application, without a sales pitch

  • Configuration, legacy data conversion and training services only when you need them

We want you to know exactly what you're buying, so we make it easy to compare PDXpert to our competition. As experts in the field, we'll even suggest another PLM product if we can't meet your objectives.

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